Research on the spatial structure and dynamics of socio-economic systems


Socio-economic systems are an important branch of complex systems, which involves the complex interactions between people’s economic activities and the social environment in which they live. With the constant change of cognition and behavior, people’s subjective decision-making process greatly affects the operation of socio-economic systems. To accurately and timely perceive socioeconomic situation and to reveal and understand the law of socioeconomic development have great theoretical and practical values. Revealing the status of socioeconomic development in many aspects and predicting the development trends with desirable accuracy can greatly help to guide socioeconomic decision-making. Uncovering the socioeconomic behavioral patterns of individuals can contribute to gradually realizing predictive management. Quantifying the macro socioeconomic structure can help to explore the path of economic development. How to effectively analyze the structure and evolution of socio-economic systems is an important scientific issue in the interdisciplinary research field, and it has recently received great attention from many related disciplines including computer science, network science, complexity science, statistical physics and socioeconomics.

PhD Thesis of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, 2019